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There are most likely specific reasons you are seeking or starting a skin care program in your tweens.  Acne has popped up, and-or you are noticing your accelerated hair growth is bothersome, you want options to manage it. This stage is an opportunity to learn what, why, when, and how a good basic skin care practice will calm and minimize irritations you are experiencing. Cleansing, toning, appropriate moisture, and daily use of mineral-based SPF is key to reducing damage and pre-mature aging of your skin. This is the ideal stage to actively learn what things have a positive or negative effect on how your skin looks, feels, and behaves with changing environmental issues. 

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If you’re new to skincare and want to fast track the “what, why, when, and how” to use “those thousands of different products” constantly in your Instagram feed, this is a great place to start working with me. We start you with the basics of cleansing, assisting with any acne issues, balancing, and protecting your skin with daily mineral-based sunblock.  If you already have skincare that is working, this is a good time to add topical vitamins, antioxidants as well as other “free-radical damage protectors” to your routine,  as well as starting professional services. The key to this stage is being consistent with using the correct products, especially your mineral based SPF. 


I like to tell my clients that once you cross that magic number of the “big 30,” your skincare regime should follow suit. If you’re just realizing that skincare is more than “wash your make-up off before you crash at bedtime”, I am glad you’re reading this. If you’re not using more than a cleanser and moisturizer, it is time to get serious.  At 30 your skin is moving into a new decade of behavior and your basics should include vitamins A & C as well as the correct moisture and mineral-based sunblock to assist in protecting and minimizing damage that will show in your 40’s and 50’s. 

At this stage we address “why not all products brands are created equally”. Unlike in your twenties when you could get-away with using products that “sounded good” or “looked appealing” or worse, you were told they were“magic,” this is no longer a viable long-term plan. Your 30’s is when consistency of use is as important as what grade of ingredients are in your routine. Maintaining the quality (density, clarity, balance) of your skin by preventing pre-mature aging with protective mineral SPF and antioxidants is crucial.  Sounds dramatic and extreme, but what you do now will influence how your skin ages. It is better to prevent as much as possible than have to correct extreme damage later.

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As we age, our skin cell metabolism slows down, just like our cardiovascular system. These metabolic slow-downs creep up once we cross the age of 30-45. The once bouncy skin of our tweens through our thirties starts showing signs of dehydration, color changes in areas we previously sunburned or from the tans we yearned for each summer. Fine lines are starting, our skin is uneven to the touch and visually inconsistent in the mirror, we look tired, slight signs of aging are apparent. Unlike our cardiovascular system, which we can manipulate through appropriate movement, weight resistance, and clean eating, these healthy habits will not boost our skin cell to turn over.  It will help clear up congested skin over time but it won’t increase our skin’s metabolism which is the domino requirement to minimzing sagging, uneven pigmentation, fine lines, yellow skin hue, lack of vascularity, all the signs of skin aging. 

Key ingredients in your home care routine and correct professional treatments over time are necessary for your skin’s ability to regenerate and stay healthy. This is why the products you spend your money on should be working for you. The correct ingredients, molecularly blended to do what the brand research proves it will do to protect, minimize and repair is crucial.  Unfortunately, a huge majority of skincare brands do not spend the money it takes in research and development to prove what is in their bottles work. Key ingredients by definition do not prove they work. For more on this subject, I will be posting on my upcoming new blog soon!

As with your 30’s, when we start to add vitamins A & C (vetted, and  proven), and other anti-oxidant combinations to your skincare regime, in your 40’s the addition of peptides, more moisture-based serums, facial specific oils, overnight micro-exfoliating topicals that work while you sleep, and reapplication of mineral-based SPF throughout the day should all be a part of your at home skincare regime. Along with a proven, effective product routine, professional healing and microcurrent treatments will assist with the tone and elasticity of your skin. This is also a really important time to commit to professional skin care treatments every 4-8 weeks with someone you trust and who understand your genetic background, concerns, goals and most importantly ingredients that are proven to work. 

Fifties Plus

As in the decades of 30-40, in your 50’s we have the right tools to correct damage and effect positive change in your skin health. It does require a commitment from you and an ability to progressively add the correct topical ingredients to help your skin dial back fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, etc. The good news is that it CAN BE DONE! Our younger selves did not have the products and treatments we have now when we were in our twenties. It is a process of correction and protection, but it is possible to repair past damage and be very beautiful and comfortable in your skin as you age.

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