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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between SUGARING and WAXING?

Sugaring is a natural paste made of honey, lemon juice and water. Sugar paste is warmed to make it pliable; it is never hot enough to burn your skin. Sugar can be removed with warm water. 


Hair removal wax is made with either a Pine Resin, aka Natural wax or Polycyclopentadiene Hydrogenate, synthetic resin derived from fossil fuels. At room temperature wax is hard. For wax to be pliable is must be heated to a melting point of 55 ° C to 115 ° C, which is 131 – 239 Fahrenheit for it to spread. Wax can burn the skin on contact, causing what is called “Lifting”, this is when not only the top dead micro layer is removed but also the live skin cells. This will cause the skin to “weep” as it works to flush out potential bacteria and heal. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation or melasma, waxed lifted skin will cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation that is very difficult to get rid of. 


Waxing is laid down in the direction of the hair growth and pulled backwards to disconnect it from the hair shaft. This method can result in broken hair at the top of the skin, without complete extraction. Left over broken hair can cause ingrown hair and from this you can have a domino of bumpy, infected follicles.  Hot wax and practitioner technique can make or break your hair removal service. Hot wax is very strong and once applied it has to be removed manually. Done incorrectly, wax can cause damage to your skin that is very difficult to correct, and it takes time to recover and hopefully repair completely. 


Sugaring paste is applied to the skin and hair follicle in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This feels like your hair is being pulled backwards which it is, but done correctly it is minimally uncomfortable, and medicinally superior.  Done correctly with a seasoned certified practitioner, Sugaring will remover the entire hair shaft and root ball as well as exfoliates your skin leaving it smooth. Over time this repeated sugaring hair removal reduces hair regrowth. 

How long does my sugaring appointment take?

Initial sugaring appointments may take longer depending on your hair density (multiple hair in one follicle, strong hair genetics), and your prior mode of hair removal, (shaving, waxing, laser, electrolysis). For the best sugaring experience, please prep your skin by following our “HOW TO PREP AND BETWEEN SUGARING APPOINTMENTS

Is sugaring hair removal safe?

Yes, because it is all natural and water soluble, sugar paste can be wiped off the skin with warm water if there is any issue with the client’s comfort. It is so safe it is edible, just honey, lemon juice and water. When RESIN is applied to the skin it must be ripped off, it is not water soluble. To remove it requires a solvent that can irritate the skin. 

Does sugaring help with skin exfoliation?

Yes, Sugaring paste is an ideal, safe, natural exfoliator. It is so safe that we use it in many of our custom facials as a first exfoliating step to prep your skin for more invasive anti-aging procedures.

Is sugaring hair removal permanent?

Overtime, continued sugaring can deplete the hair follicle and the hair shaft having been emptied over and over again of any hair, will shrink and reduce in size, closing the hair shaft. If you stay consistent with your sugaring, hair regrowth is minimal and sugaring appointments are spread out farther apart with very little regrowth overtime, with hair shafts shrinking and lacking follicle regrowth.  

Will sugaring irritate my skin or make it red?

With any skin procedure you want to make sure you’re working with a practitioner that knows what they’re doing. A complete skin consultation is key. Sugaring is very gentle and safe. All sugaring clients are cleared for a safe experience prior to your services being done.

How long before I can visit you again for sugaring hair removal?

In general, sugaring appointments are about 4 weeks apart for your first couple of sessions. As your hair regrowth slows down, we will spread your appointments further apart. You can expect your hair to start thinning more noticeably after your third sugaring appointment.

Can I be sugared when I am pregnant?

Yes, in fact I work with many LDR nurses and pre and post-natal providers who believe the safest way to remove hair prior to giving birth is with traditional Sugaring hair removal. Other methods of hair removal run the risk of injury to the skin with lifting and trauma. When prepping for delivery many of my clients do not want the irritation of being shaved. Sugaring allows you to feel cleaned up and ready for  the birth process. I have clients who have waited until they cannot “see down there” anymore and who have sugared at 8 months pregnant. Whether you’re sugaring prior to pregnancy or prepping for the birth process, Sugaring is the ideal safe hair removal option.


I have a vitamin C product I bought at Costco or online and it was on sale for $25, is it okay?

This is a very common question from all my clients at one time or another. My answer is the same for any product with any labeled and implied active ingredient in it.  It is a long answer, but I believe it is necessary so you will understand why I am adamant about the vetting and using of different of skincare brands. Not all ingredients are the same. The correct ingredients must come from brands that have proven their efficacy through third party verified controlled studies. They must do what their marketing claims state, not just implied because they contain the newest “buzz” ingredients. There is a reason “snake oil” cure all claims are most likely just that, claims not substantiated proven results from verified real non-manufactured tests.  

What type of ingredients do you use?

Essential Spa Studio is a integrative skincare practice. We use clinical grade products that are third party tested by companies that verify the effectiveness of each product. We offer the cleanest Ayurvedic Dermatologist created and manufactured line as well as two Medical compounded skin care lines. We tailor individual treatment plans that target your specific skin condition, lifestyle and budget.

What should I use to make my skin normal, balanced, happy?

The biggest common problem of knowing what to use on your skin even with professional help is the overwhelming number of options available. How do you pick or decide which brand or which product within a brand is right for you? How do you keep from picking one over the other? From creams, toners, and masks to serums, lotions, and oils. Not only is this a fulltime job or a master’s degree worthy endeavor, it is impossible to not make a wrong purchase. It is literally impossible not to spend way too much for too many products, to then find out one or some or all of them are making things worse.

I know this so well, I have been there done that, I have searched for years for a professional to help me answer this. I could not find anyone so I found the answers for myself. I can do the same for you. Start small, start with one thing that can make the biggest least expensive difference, a cleanser. Cleansers are one of the least expensive work horses of the skin routine. You build from this, slow, calculated. Let me help you. I believe so strongly in what I do and the number of clients I have continued to help and the number of clients that may try other professionals, but they always come back to Essential Spa because it works.

Do I have to use multiple products to treat my skin issues?

This can lead to problematic combinations of active ingredients, which can cancel each other out or cause unwanted reactions. Instead, our approach is to use fewer, precisely tailored formulas that are not overwhelming. They are specifically designed to work well together rather than having unfortunate side effects from incompatible ingredients.

How will you know what ingredients are better for my skin?

Your first appointment we start with an in-depth skin consultation where we’ll discuss your skin type, age, lifestyle (are you out side all the time, or are you indoor more, etc.), what your biggest fix is, as well as what is realistic for you to commit to at home. This consultation with the way your skin reacts with graduated treatments in your initial facial I will build your basic treatment kit that you will use for 10 days following your facial.


How many microcurrent treatments will I need to see results?

Holistic Skincare procedures like Frequency Specific Microcurrent are cumulative, they need to be done in consecutive treatments to achieve the best results. Depending on your age, use of effective topical skincare products, your overall health, all play a part in how many treatments you will need.

Starting these treatments your 30’s is ideal, treatments can be as little as 2-5 for cumulative benefits. Clients over 40 in general will need 5-10 cumulative treatments. Over the ages of 50 in general will need 10-15 cumulative treatments. Maintenance is necessary to retain your results, like working out at the gym. Maintenance treatments can be done 4-6 weeks apart.

Will you see a difference after your first Microcurrent facial?

In many cases you will see a change in the heaviness of your full face, a more balanced structure in your eyelids, and cheeks. Your overall face will look refreshed. Strange to contemplate, your mental calmness and overall mood is balanced. 

Can you get a Microcurrent facial when your getting fillers or Botox?

If you are spending money on fillers and botox, I suggest you avoid FSM Microcurrent treatments, the micro- current will move your fillers. That said, if you are stopping Botox, and other fillers, Microcurrent will dissipate all coagulations of debris in your tissues. This can be a fantastic treatment to move through the end of Botox and fillers.  

How long does the Microcurrent facial session take?

A full facial session is about 75 minutes. Area-specific add-on treatments, eyes, lips, and cheeks are faster. Just remember, if you’re going to commit to FSM Microcurrent and only do your eyes your overall facial health and balance will not be complete.

Can I do other treatments when getting my Microcurrent treatments?

Yes, many times a facial is done prior to the Microcurrent. Many of our clients utilize several treatments leading up to a special occasion, wedding as a guest, and the brides. The combinations are endless.


Why should I get LED light therapy?

Celluma LED light therapy is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive, natural healing method proven to promote healing inside and out. It improves overall skin tone and promotes hair growth, reduces pain, and helps speed up the body’s natural regeneration processes. If you suffer from skin conditions then LED light therapy is a safe and effective method for those seeking natural treatment for skin conditions.

Who can use Celluma LED light therapy?

Celluma LED light therapy should be avoided on children younger than 12 years old, or over the stomach or breasts if you are breast-feeding

Is LED light therapy safe?

Absolutely! The LED technology we use is not like UV light, which may cause lasting damage. Low-level-light therapy is based on light emitting diode (LED) technology developed for NASA-manned space flight experiments. In comparison to lasers, the patented LED technology generates negligible amounts of heat and is not considered a significant risk device.

Should I clean my face before a light therapy session?

Yes you should remove all makeup prior to LED light therapy. Many makeup formulas contain minerals that may deflect light. Clean, freshly washed skin is recommended for best results. Thus, the skin should be clean and free of anything else that might alter the effectiveness of the treatment. If we are utilizing LED during your facial procedure, we will take care of your cleansing prior to this step.

Can I wear make-up after LED light therapy?

Yes. All normal activities can be resumed immediately after the use.

How long does each session last?

A typical LED light session lasts up to 30 to 45 minutes.

Will the LED light hurt or irritate my skin?

When used correctly, LED light therapy is completely painless and safe.


Is Dermal Brightening safe?

Dermal Brightening is a safe and gentle treatment for those who’s skin and temperment will tolerate it. Contraindications are sunburn, active breakouts, or suffer from inflammation such as eczema and psoriasis or a new spray tan..

Can I have other treatments in the same session as Dermal Brightening?

Yes, based on your skin’s temperament and day of treatment as well as your progressive step-up facials with me. Dermal Brightening is an idea first treatment to cool peels, Micro rolling, LED, Microcurrent treatments. If your planning on Laser IPL treatments this can be a good service prior to laser. 

Is there downtime after my Dermal Brightening treatment?

No, before your a candidate for Dermal Brightening, I make sure it is the best option for your skin at the time of treatment and that you have the least chance of a reaction. In most cases your skin will be camera perfect whether you go with or without makeup.

*Can I workout after my Dermal Brightening treatment?

Yes, BUT please make sure you are working out without makeup on and you are using a clean towel to wipe your face during your workout. Please do not touch your face while sweating and using machines and free weights. Ideally, carry a antimicrobial gel with you to use on your hands throughout your workout.

Can I use full makeup after my Dermal Brightening treatment?

Yes, ideally you let your skin breath for 24 hrs following but again, if we are working together and you are prepping for an event, dermal brightening may be your perfect treatment morning of that special event. Always a discussion to make sure we do the best for your skin and your schedule.