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In skin care as in life we are all uniquely different but also the same. It stands to reason, one size does not fit all when it comes to your skin care needs, but the basics are crucial for all of us regardless of our genetics.  In professional clinical skin care, there is a core set of ingredients you need to have in your regime. These ingredients are based on proven, replicated scientific studies that result in confirmed corrected skin conditions.  In other words, the essential ingredients are not just marketing promises, they have been proven through replicated, repeated, controlled studies. This is where the basis of “Not all vitamin c, vitamin a, cleansers, barrier repair creams…. are the same.”  The sourcing and molecular chemistry of your products ingredients are the key to their ability to effect positive change in your skin’s appearance, texture, pigment balance and glow.

The changes that occur as we age drive what topical ingredients we need to add to maintain the health of our skin. The basics are the basis of your long-term must use regime. With me you will have a set of simple and clear protocols for each decade of your skin.

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Start skincare early to manage acne and hair growth. Learn basic routines for calm, healthy skin. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, and use SPF to prevent premature aging.

20s skincare


Whether skincare newbie or experienced, learn how to navigate the world of products, basics like cleansing, sunblock, and adding antioxidants for a healthy routine.

30s skincare


Transitioning to a more serious skincare routine, including vitamins A & C, moisture, and mineral-based sunblock for protection against aging signs.

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Dealing with aging signs like fine lines and uneven skin tone. Incorporating peptides, moisture serums, micro-exfoliation, and professional treatments.

50s skincare


Correcting and protecting mature skin, gradually adding topical ingredients to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation for a healthier complexion.

Our exclusive clients

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At Essential Spa we offer our clients fully customized skincare in Vista, Our approach is transparent conversations about your life style, goals and level of commitment; we evaluate your skin, discuss your goals and create a personalized plan using the best topical ingredients, professional treatments to assist you in your trantsition to healthier skin. 


If you like what you have read about our customized skincare studio in our Vista CA,  please reach out on our booking tab. I look forward to earning your trust helping you love the skin your in for the long run. 

How It Works

Building a Custom Skin-Care routine for YOU!

Skin Assessment & Initial Consultation

Customized Facial & Take-Home Kit

Exclusive Use of ES Trial Kit

Feedback, Adjustments, and Next Steps


Traditionally, our facial treatments have never mirrored a restaurant menu. This is a marketing concept in a time when facials were marketed to an elite group that could afford a luxury smathering of creams equal to putting parfaits on your skin. If it did not sound yummy, no one would buy it. The price tags were obscene given the technology and products of the time could not deliver what was being sold.

At Essential Spa Studio, seasonal, appropriate, professional facials are dependant on each clients skin at the time of your appointment. If you are new to us, your facials will most likely have a strong emphasis on deep cleansing as well as hands-on assessment of how your skin responds to the intro level of exfoliation and healing treatments. Once you have graduated from your first facial and finished your take-home trial kit, your subsequent facials focus on your skins ability to respond and recover from our step-up facial treatments.



For my potential new clients who want to understand all the treatments we use in the studio, I hope this list helps you decide.

Essential Facial Treatments

All our facials begin with a consultation to assess the current health of your skin, your concerns, as well as your short and long term goals. From this we build your custom facial that will always start with a double cleanse, custom exfoliation(s), extractions and custom mask.

  • ESSENTIAL DEEP CLEANSE FACIAL 75 - 90 minutes pricing between $150 - $250

    Our go-to facial for new clients, our deep cleanse is designed to activate your skins natural ability to rejuvenate itself with application of detoxifying exfoliation, lymphatic massage that utilizes Ayurvedic oils, extraction of congested pores, and calming recovery tools.

  • ESSENTIAL HYDRATING FACIAL 75 minutes pricing between $150 - $200

    Our Hydrating Facial utilizes exfoliation treatments that increase your bodies natural ability to hydrate itself, facial massage and custom mask.

  • ESSENTIAL COMPLETE RENEWAL FACIAL 95 minutes pricing between $200 - $275

    Our Renewal Facial incorporates lymphatic light massage to promote the movement of lymphatic fluid out of the face, neck and decloté, microcurrent is then used to stimulate our bodies ATP process and increase the health of our cellular tempo and leave you lifted, glowing and mentally at peace.

  • ESSENTIAL MAINTAIN RENEWAL FACIAL 60 minutes pricing between $100 - $150

    Our Maintain Renewal Facial is our maintenance microcurrent treatment that is part of a series of microcurrent treatments which build on the previous treatment. For lasting lift and tone, depending on your age and lifestyle, 5 - 12 treatments are ideal to maintain the progressive results.

  • MOVE INTO FALL ESSENTIAL RESET TREATMENT 75 minutes pricing between $125 - $200

    Our Fall reset treatment is designed to take the summer sunscreen, dehydrated and sun damaged micro layers gently off and hydrate your skin for the upcoming cooler temperatures. This treatment includes a double cleanse, extractions and custom mask.

  • GUA SHA FACIAL Range depending on other services at time of treatment $175 - $250

    Lymphatic drainage, lifting and sculpting techniques using the gua sha stone to improve skin complexion, drains excess fluids and toxins, refreshes and firms the skin, reduces fine lines, restores facial skin tone and brings blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin. A deeply cleansing, detoxifying, stimulating and revitalising facial for those times when you need a full reset.

  • DIAMOND GLOW EVENT FACIAL Range depending on other services at time of treatment $150 - $225

    Get ready for any special occasion, our event facial utilizes the Diamond glow medical-grade diamond exfoliator with a revolutionary skin hydration system. This treatment smoothes and resurfaces the skin, cleansing the pores, and serums that are tailored to your skin type, penetrating the skin and plumping up cell tissue. Most clients see noticeable improvements after just one treatment. Your face will be ready for flawless makeup application or just glowing on its own.

Essential Facial Treatments


    No prep necessary


    2 week prep with Environ Step-up
    Vitamin A and Essential CE Ferulic


    2 week prep with Environ Step-up
    Vitamin A and Essential CE Ferulic

These clinical peels are calculated, consistent and safe to deliver full face micro peeling in a 10 day window from time of application to full recovery.

Various percentages of Lactic Acid and TCA cream based or Gel Cool Peels. Safe, Effective, non-abrasive.

*Always customized to your skins tolerance.
**Add-ons are dependent on your skin tolerance day of your facial.


What Our Customers Say

Our customers’ reviews speak volumes about the exceptional experience they’ve had at Essential Spa. Whether it’s our rejuvenating facials, skincare treatments, or body sugaring services, our clients have openly shared their transformative journeys toward healthier, more radiant skin.

I’ve been going to her since January I believe and I won’t go to anyone else! she pays attention to detail and it truly shows every time. Love you Steffanie!!!
Response from the owner: Oh thank you Tasia, so happy to have you as a "keeper" client. Love our time together.
My favorite sugar lady by far! Great conversation, AMAZING work. She keeps it very clean and visually pleasing, the ambiance is beautiful. I recommend her...
The greatest esthetician there could ever be. So grateful I was referred to Steffanie for all my facial and sugaring needs. I’ll never go to anyone else ever again. Not only is she super knowledgeable about the products and services she offers, but her easy going personality makes sessions fun and relaxing!
Response from the owner: Wow, Thank You Jenny! I am so happy to have you as a new client and that your happy with what we are doing for your skin and sugaring. I look forward to our time together. Thanks for the support, it is everything.
I had an amazing experience at Essential Spa Studio with Steffanie. I've always been wary of facials due to my sensitive skin and fear of breakouts. However, Steffanie's expertise and personalized approach completely changed my perspective.Steffanie's facial was not only incredibly relaxing but also tailored to my sensitive skin, and to my surprise, I left with glowing skin and zero breakouts. I'm now a devoted fan of her skincare products, and my skin has never looked better. Meeting Steffanie was a game-changer for my skin, and I'm so grateful for the fantastic results. If you have skin concerns like mine, I highly recommend Essential Spa Studio and Steffanie's services. Thank you, Steffanie!
Response from the owner: Thank you Ellie, your skin is looking amazing! Thrilled your happy with the skin care routine and your results.
I have been scared of facials my whole life, because I always break out. I was recommended Essential Spa after hearing amazing things about Steffanie and her work. You leave her spa with a start-up kit that lets you begin your transformation into using tried and tested products that are backed by science and not once did I break out using them. It’s been 4 months since I’ve been using Steffanie’s products and now only use a mineral tinted sunscreen as my daily “foundation”. My skin is so happy and I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring. I am over the moon that I discovered her studio and I highly recommend her!
Response from the owner: Thank you Kaarina, I am so glad your happy with your skin and your new products!💞
I have been scared of facials my whole life, because I always break out. I was recommended Essential Spa after hearing amazing things about Steffanie and...
Steffanie's passion for skincare truly shines through in her work. I came to the studio looking to start a skincare routine and get facials. The quality of her services is exceptional, and she goes above and beyond to educate her clients about proper skincare routines and product choices. My skin has never felt better, and I can't recommend her expertise enough.Also, ask her about sugaring services! It is an absolute game changer! Highly recommend! If you're looking for top-notch skincare services and products, look no further!
Response from the owner: Thank you very much Tina for your kind words. So glad you’re happy with what we are doing. 👏🏼🤗
If you're looking for an approachable and incredible skincare professional and educator, start here! Steffanie's passion for skincare truly shines through...
The body sugar hair removal is a game changer. I had sugaring done on my armpits and it has solved the problem of shaving bumps and body oder. It feels so clean and comfortable. I wish I had done it sooner.
Response from the owner: Thank you Sheri, appreciate you sharing your experience and results. So glad your seeing and loving your results. Sugaring is a game changer 💖
I started going to Essential Spa originally to get help with my aging skin. My skin looks and feels fantastic now. People comment on how great my skin looks...
Steffanie helps me take great care of my skin. I have been going to her for sugaring for a number of years and now I use her skin care products. I have...
I have extremely sensitive skin and had been struggle with adult acne for over a decade. I've seen countless professionals, doctors, tried diets, etc. and...
Stefanie is amazing @ what she does. This being my first time getting sugared, i was amazingly comfortable & confident in her knowing what she was doing....
I feel like I didn't know what I was missing until I met Steffanie. I made an appointment with Steffanie to simply sugar my underarms and Brazilian and she...
Response from the owner: Thank you for the 5-star review Madeline!
In true Michelle fashion, I had a fast approaching vacation and did not have all my ducks in a row. I had grown out my hair but hadn't made an appointment....


Your Skincare Questions Answered

I have a vitamin C product I bought at Costco or online and it was on sale for $25, is it okay?

This is a very common question from all my clients at one time or another. My answer is the same for any product with any labeled and implied active ingredient in it. It is a long answer, but I believe it is necessary so you will understand why I am adamant about the vetting and using of different of skincare brands. Not all ingredients are the same. The correct ingredients must come from brands that have proven their efficacy through third party verified controlled studies. They must do what their marketing claims state, not just implied because they contain the newest “buzz” ingredients. There is a reason “snake oil” cure all claims are most likely just that, claims not substantiated proven results from verified real non-manufactured tests.

What type of ingredients do you use?

Essential Spa Studio is a integrative skincare practice. We use clinical grade products that are third party tested by companies that verify the effectiveness of each product. We offer the cleanest Ayurvedic Dermatologist created and manufactured line as well as two Medical compounded skin care lines. We tailor individual treatment plans that target your specific skin condition, lifestyle and budget.

What should I use to make my skin normal, balanced, happy?

The biggest common problem of knowing what to use on your skin even with professional help is the overwhelming number of options available. How do you pick or decide which brand or which product within a brand is right for you? How do you keep from picking one over the other? From creams, toners, and masks to serums, lotions, and oils. Not only is this a fulltime job or a master’s degree worthy endeavor, it is impossible to not make a wrong purchase. It is literally impossible not to spend way too much for too many products, to then find out one or some or all of them are making things worse.

I know this so well, I have been there done that, I have searched for years for a professional to help me answer this. I could not find anyone so I found the answers for myself. I can do the same for you. Start small, start with one thing that can make the biggest least expensive difference, a cleanser. Cleansers are one of the least expensive work horses of the skin routine. You build from this, slow, calculated. Let me help you. I believe so strongly in what I do and the number of clients I have continued to help and the number of clients that may try other professionals, but they always come back to Essential Spa because it works.

Do I have to use multiple products to treat my skin issues?

This can lead to problematic combinations of active ingredients, which can cancel each other out or cause unwanted reactions. Instead, our approach is to use fewer, precisely tailored formulas that are not overwhelming. They are specifically designed to work well together rather than having unfortunate side effects from incompatible ingredients.

How will you know what ingredients are better for my skin?

Your first appointment we start with an in-depth skin consultation where we’ll discuss your skin type, age, lifestyle (are you out side all the time, or are you indoor more, etc.), what your biggest fix is, as well as what is realistic for you to commit to at home. The hands on process and products I use in your first facial are designed to assess your skins resilience and sensitivity to treatment. With this deep cleanse process I design the correct balance of active and recovery products to build the base kit for you. Subsequent treatments start from this first appointment. 

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